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PiPPER STANDARD Wins Social Products Award 2021 in Tokyo, Japan

25 Feb 2021

PiPPER STANDARD was granted an award by the Japanese Association for the Promotion of Social Products Award 2021, recognizing our company’s ongoing mission to promote sustainable, eco-friendly and organic household cleaning products that harness the natural cleaning capabilities of Thai agricultural products. The Social Product Award was given at the 8th Social Products Award in Tokyo, Japan, which commends products and services that help promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What is the Social Products Award?

The Social Products Award is granted by the Japanese Association for the Promotion of Social Products to commercial goods that not only have outstanding design and functional use, but are also socially responsible. These social products contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by ensuring they do not have adverse effects on the environment, people, or society. The awards are granted to a variety of products that are environmentally friendly, organic, fair-trade, charity-oriented and/or rooted in regional cultures and traditions, which all help to connect different societal groups and facilitate sustainable development. The awards for these products have been granted annually since 2012.

Why did our detergent receive an award?

The Association for the Promotion of Social Products recognized our mission of social responsibility and commended our product for a number of reasons:

  • Our innovation is eco-friendly as it is produced by harnessing the natural cleaning power of fermented pineapple. The product formula uses bromelain, an enzyme unique to pineapples with exceptional cleaning capabilities, making our detergent comparable to or better than traditional brands that rely on chemicals.
  • It’s functionality in combination with its attractive and eco-friendly, recyclable product packaging makes our laundry detergent appealing to customers, but also considers the social and environmental issues concerned with production.
  • Unlike most other detergent brands, our product is free of known allergens  (as defined by U.S. FDA.) and has passed hypoallergenic testing certified by the Dermscan Asia which is a major leader in clinical evaluations.
  • Pineapples used for our products are procured through fair trade partnerships and our production process promotes the recycling of agricultural products as excess pineapple residue discharged in the fermentation process is used to fertilize agricultural land. 

At PiPPER STANDARD we continuously seek to improve people’s lives by providing natural and healthy alternatives to traditional cleaning products that rely on harmful chemicals. We believe that a healthy environment starts at home—and we make it possible to effectively clean your home and keep you safe at the same time!

We would like to thank you for your support, and vow to continue creating all-natural and safe, yet high-quality cleaning products for your home—ensuring you and our environment stay protected without compromising efficiency.

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