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What’s in a name? Why PiPPER STANDARD?

31 May 2021

Ms. Sirilak Narongtanupone is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Equator Pure Nature Co., Ltd., PiPPER STANDARD’s parent company. Check out how Ms. Sirilak responded to this question about PiPPER STANDARD’s name below!

Choosing the name for our brand was something my husband Peter and I thought about for a long time. We wanted to choose a name that could be easily remembered, but that would also tell about who we are and what our brand represents. At first, we considered a lot of the “clean” and “green” words already out there. We searched on Google and found that a lot of brands already used these words in their names. We decided to go back to the drawing board and searched for a name that would tell more about who we are.

After lots of thinking, we recalled that Peter’s mom called him “Pip” or “Pipper” as he was growing up. We decided to combine the word “Pipper” with “Standard” to represent Peter’s standard. Peter suffers from both skin and sinus allergies, has sensitive skin and is extremely allergic to certain chemicals. If anyone knows Peter, it’s no secret he’s….well, he’s extremely cautious about these things, to say the least. He eats clean and exercises five times a week. When PM air pollution came, Peter bought 6-7 home/office air purifiers and even bought an industrial air purifier for our office. I don’t blame him though. I understand the seriousness of these problems as I’ve seen them firsthand with Peter. He once experienced sinus problems that required him to take antibiotics for two months. Peter always prioritizes health and safety, and this is where the idea of using PiPPER STANDARD to represent Peter’s standard for cleaning products came from.

When it comes to his mind, Peter also has very high standards. He’s a serious person, is athletic, loves hiking, loves nature, and is always up for a challenge. This is why our production process was so difficult to develop––it was something no one had ever done before. We chose people with similar mindsets for our team and undertook years of dedicated research to develop our PiPPER STANDARD products.

The word “Standard” also has one more meaning for us––Peter and I believe we set a new standard for all-natural cleaning products. Our active ingredient comes from pineapple fruit fermentation. We use lactobacillus, a good bacteria you would find in yogurt, to convert sugars in the fruit to various bio-surfactants, organic acid, natural enzymes, and natural preservatives. As a result, we don’t have to add harsh, harmful, synthetic chemicals to our products.

Nowadays, people might see a lot of different cleaning products claiming to be made from all-natural ingredients, and I’d like to try to explain this a bit more. The formulas in cleaning products can be made in two different ways. The first method uses petrochemicals or crude oil, and the second relies on vegetable or natural fats. Products using petrochemicals may leave behind dangerous contaminants that can harm us and our environment. Although cleaning products made from vegetable or natural fats are safer, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t cause irritation. Other factors including the amount of cleaning product used and the type and amount of synthetic fragrance and chemical preservatives in products can also contribute to irritation.

PiPPER STANDARD products are free of these harmful chemicals as the bio-surfactants and preservatives in our formulas are derived from an all-natural fruit fermentation production process. Our products also offer a light pleasant scent from natural essential oils rather than harmful synthetic fragrances. As our scent is more subtle than products with synthetic fragrances, the laundry detergent gives off a slightly fermented smell as the result of the production process. At first use, people often think our laundry detergent smells strange and wonder why it’s not as fragrant as other detergents that rely on chemicals. People compare cleaning products as if they were comparing food. They think of PiPPER STANDARD products as clean foods––it says it’s good for health, but people want the taste, or in this case, a stronger scent. However, it’s important to remember that in terms of products we use for our homes and on our bodies, a strong scent isn’t always a good thing, especially if it comes from dangerous chemicals.

Personally, I encourage people to give it a try, especially health lovers or those with sick and elderly individuals in their homes. It’ll provide you with a new washing experience: it produces less foam, it’s easy to rinse, and  provides a more natural aromatic experience than when washing with chemical-based detergents. The smell while washing will be similar to what you would smell at a spa, and when you’re done washing, the clothes will not smell at all. Most importantly, the absence of chemical residue makes it safe for everyone in your family and for our environment!

This is only a small part of PiPPER STANDARD’s story, and Ms. Sirilak has many other stories she’s eager to share. Check back on our website for future articles to continue learning about PiPPER STANDARD and our mission.