Thursday, 7 July 2022

Sparkling Bathroom without Stinging Skin

Have you ever experienced any of the horrors that come with cleaning the bathroom?

Each time you clean the bathroom, it might feel like you’re walking into a disaster––dirty tile surfaces, stained grout, and filthy toilets and sinks. For housewives who prioritize the health of their skin or that want to take care of their fresh manicure, this might be the case. Nothing’s worse than dry and peeling skin or ruined nails, but there’s an easy fix to this.

All these headaches go away if you opt for PiPPER STANDARD Bathroom Cleaner, our product’s natural formula will rid you of these problems. It is gentle, free of harmful chemicals, and does not cause skin irritation.

Here’re the 5 reasons why PiPPER Standard Bathroom Cleaner is your smart choice to fight with a dirty bathroom.

  • With its natural cleaning power, gentle formula but not compromise to remove dirt & all tough stains.
  • Safe for anything it touches, including tile, grout, toilets, tubs, sinks, or even your skin!
  • Free of harmful chemicals that produce pungent smells and sting the nose when inhaled
  • Non-irritation certified by dermatologists
  • Available in two different formulas and has a pleasant scent from 100% natural essential oils (standard formula: orange blossom scent; antibacterial formula: tea tree oil scent)”

Cleaning the bathroom definitely isn’t an easy task, but the product you choose to use can make it easier. Let PiPPER STANDARD be your go-to cleaner for the bathroom, and you’ll be sure these missed spots stay clean!

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