Saturday, 13 August 2022

Reducing Allergy Risks with a Natural Bathroom Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, it’s a task that many people dread. In order to avoid skin irritation, burning eyes and pungent smells that make it difficult to breath and burn the nose, many people prepare themselves with gloves and mask up, or they might even ask someone else to clean the bathroom instead! Have you ever wondered what causes those unpleasant experiences? Or if there was any way to avoid them? PiPPER STANDARD’s got the answers for you.

Where does the pungent smell that causes burning and stinging sensations in the eyes and nose come from?

When cleaning the bathroom, you may notice a pungent smell that burns the eyes and nose, or causes skin irritation—especially if your bathroom is not well ventilated. In order to prevent this, we often wear gloves or masks to protect ourselves. What we smell and feel when cleaning is caused by a chemical called hydrochloric acid that is often found in traditional bathroom and toilet cleaners. When this chemical is mixed with water, it will undergo a chemical reaction to generate chlorine gas; this gas that floats into the air is what causes those burning and stinging sensations. The chemicals from salt acid and chlorine gas are also dangerous because they are highly corrosive. If exposed to these chemicals, it can damage nasal cavities and irritate skin. Some people may even experience more serious allergic reactions to bathroom cleaners.

Bathroom Cleaners and Allergic Reactions

If hydrochloric acid comes into contact with the skin or enters the nasal cavities, it can cause severe irritation. Some people may experience inflammation of the skin or mucous membranes, or swelling, soreness, redness and burning. In serious cases, it can even lead to respiratory disease. Consequently, contact and inhalation of hydrochloric acid should be avoided when possible. In the case that your skin is exposed to the chemical, immediately and thoroughly rinse it off with water for at least 15 minutes. If products containing hydrochloric acid spill or splash onto your clothing, quickly remove the clothes and wash your body with a gentle soap. Be sure to wash your clothes before wearing again, and see a doctor immediately if your symptoms do not improve.

A New Cleaning Experience with an All-Natural Cleaner that Prioritizes Your Safety

PiPPER STANDARD is here to offer an alternative—an all-natural cleaner that keeps you safe and prevents those burning and stinging experiences without compromising efficiency or cleanliness. Our PiPPER STANDARD Bathroom Cleaner can be used on all bathroom surfaces, including floors, toilets, sinks, faucets, glass, mirrors, and on tiles and grout in the shower. Harnessing the cleaning power of bio-surfactants and natural enzymes, our bathroom cleaner can effectively remove dirt and soap stains with no problem. It is free of harmful chemicals and has passed non-irritation tests administered by dermatologists, meaning you don’t have to worry about unpleasant experiences you may have had with traditional bathroom cleaners. Its natural ingredients, including essential oils that provide a refreshing orange blossom scent, mean that you don’t need to wear gloves, masks or rubber shoes when cleaning. Bring our product into your home and you might even enjoy cleaning the next time you find your bathroom dirty!

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