Saturday, 13 August 2022

(Not So) Secret Tips for Keeping Homes with Pets Clean

Those of us who have pets know their cuteness is often accompanied by messes and unpleasant smells at home. But we love them, so we make it work. This calls for vigilance in making sure the house stays clean to ensure the health and safety of our dogs, cats and everyone else in the family. But did you know that certain products can leave dangerous chemical residue behind in your home? These chemicals can harm not only for your dogs and cats, but also you. Many traditional cleaning products including floor cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners and bathroom cleaners contain chemicals to help get the job done. However, if these products are used over time, the chemicals you and your pets are exposed to may have detrimental effects to your bodies. We want to share a collection of home cleaning tips for dog and cat lovers to help keep a home with pets clean without relying on chemical-based cleaners, making it safer for everyone—animals and people alike!

Avoid Floor Cleaners with Harmful Chemicals

For homes with cats and dogs, ensuring the cleanliness of floors is important as pets come into contact with these surfaces on a regular basis. Some pets have their favorite lounging spot on the floor and others are always looking for scraps of food that have fallen. If there is chemical residue on the floor, it could be harmful to your pet’s health. If in contact with their skin, harmful chemicals can lead to skin-irritation or hair loss. If ingested, it can cause discomfort or vomiting. The safest option for floors in a home with pets are products with all-natural and organic formulas as they are free of harmful chemicals often found in cleaning products, such as synthetic fragrances. It is important to choose a floor cleaner that is hypoallergenic and non-irritation certified. With a natural floor cleaner, you can be confident the health of your pet will not be at risk, and that it will keep your home clean and safe for everyone else too!

Eliminate Bad Odors with Natural Cleaning Agents

Unpleasant smells at home from cats and dogs might stem from body odors or bathroom accidents that happen inside. For the latter, the most important thing to remember is to promptly collect and dispose of the waste. Immediately after, use a multi-purpose cleaner to wipe the accident area clean, eliminating any residual germs or odors. Avoid cleaners with chemicals to ensure your pets aren’t exposed to harmful residue or pungent odors. Choose cleaning products that use natural essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances. Once you have your natural multi-purpose cleaner, cleaning accidents will be a breeze; as they are safe for your pets, natural cleaners can also be used to help clean their toys and personal items, helping to reduce odors and accumulation of bacteria.

Prioritize the Health of Your Beloved Pet

It’s easy to quickly learn your dog or cat’s personality and what it likes and doesn’t like, but it takes a little more work to understand more about certain health and disease concerns related to their breed. However, these things are important to know because each breed has certain dietary and care needs related to cleaning and grooming. In addition, tick, flea and disease prevention should be prioritized, and always make sure your furry friend is up to date with their vaccinations so they can live happy and healthy lives. Keeping pets clean and healthy will also help to reduce the build-up of germs, dirt and other undesirable odors around the home.

What’s the best solution?

Having a pet in your home can make it livelier, but also requires a lot of attention. Even though our furry friends can be messy and make life a bit more chaotic, it’s worth the hassle. Keeping yourself organized and using the right products can help. If there’s a mess or your pet’s toys get dirty, just promptly clean with a cleaning product without harmful chemicals to ensure the safety of your cat or dog, and everyone else in your family too.

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