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Key Ingredients Used in Fabric Softener

Nowadays, we often see or hear advertisements telling us that a load of fresh laundry isn’t complete without fabric softener. These advertisements have an effect on us as consumers, and their catchy words motivate us to look for products assuring us they will keep our fabrics soft and smelling fresh. But when looking for fabric softeners, it’s also important to know if the product and its ingredients are safe for our bodies.

Substances Commonly Used in Fabric Softeners

Quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) are often an active ingredient found in fabric softeners that manufacturers use to help keep clothes feeling soft and smooth. These quats cover our fabrics, making it feel soft and slippery. However, quats are made from petrochemicals and may cause skin irritation as some are known allergens. In addition, the use of petrochemicals like these quats can generate harmful byproducts such as formaldehyde during the manufacturing process, which can have negative implications for long-term health.

What effects can fabric softener ingredients used to produce fragrances have on our health?

Have you ever thought about what is used to make the synthetic fragrances in many fabric softeners? These smells we inhale are actually made from thousands of petrochemicals. One key ingredient found in many synthetic fragrances is phthalate, which is used to ensure a long-lasting scent. Phthalates are petrochemicals that can disrupt the body’s hormone regulation and even affect the reproductive system. Prolonged use of synthetic fragrances can decrease sperm production and diminish the quality of sperm. In addition, synthetic fragrances can cause allergic reactions that have the potential to spread to the respiratory system. Adverse effects include skin irritation and rashes, nasal congestion, difficulty breathing and dizziness.

Not Just Clothes We Wear

In addition to the clothes we wear, we also need to be careful about how we clean and care for our bedding. When we sleep on the bed, our bodies are in close contact with pillows, pillowcases, sheets and blankets. Using certain fabric softeners to clean our bedding puts us at risk for direct exposure to or inhalation of these harmful chemicals.

PiPPER STANDARD Putting Your Health First with Natural Cleaning Products

The mission at PiPPER STANDARD started when the co-founders were experiencing problems related to chemical allergic reactions in their own home. This inspired the creation of a line of cleaning products that ensure efficiency and cleanliness without putting the safety and health of users at risk. Aware of the negative effects that chemicals can have on the health of family members and the environment, it led to the creation of cleaning products that harness cleaning capabilities from nature.

PiPPER STANDARD Fabric Softener keeps fabrics soft by using natural pineapple enzymes and soy lecithin rather than allergy-causing quats. Our hypoallergenic formula uses essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances to keep your clothes smelling fresh, and it has passed non-irritation tests and is free of known allergens according to U.S. FDA approved tests. It can be used for all of the family’s clothes, including those used for exercise! Its plant-based cleaning agents don’t clog fabric fibers, helping to improve ventilation and reduce the accumulation of odor-causing bacteria leading to musty smells. By using our fabric softener, it will prolong the life of your favorite outfit and make sure it stays soft and smells great—try our fabric softener today for a brand-new washing experience!

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