Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Dry hands from washing dishes?

A common misconception with dish washing liquid is more foam means cleaner wash. You might enjoy the foaming, but the fact is, they may leave unhealthy residue from washing and eventually cause dry, irritated or cracking skin. How can you be sure that your dishwashing liquid is safe for you?

What is a surfactant?

The ability of a dishwashing liquid to wash away dirt comes from surfactants added to its  formula to enhance grease removal performance for dishes or containers. These so-called surfactants can be made from petrochemicals or plant fatty acid. Petrochemical-based surfactants are more prone to leave contaminants from manufacturing processes because it is made from crude oil which could contain formaldehyde, a type of carcinogen. Some surfactant class which are added to dishwashing liquids are ethoxylate alcohol or glycoside.

What causes dry skin and irritation?

There are several causes of dry and cracked skin from dishwashing liquid. Surfactants can be an irritant depending on the amount added to products. Surfactants cut grease but at the same time strips moisture from your hands. When exposed, people who are sensitive to chemical agents can experience inflamed, dried and cracked skin.

Natural agents that cleanse

PiPPER STANDARD Dishwashing Liquid is highly effective in removing food residue and grease because it contains natural bio surfactants and enzymes from pineapple. Rinsed off easily, PiPPER STANDARD Dishwashing Liquid is gentle on the skin and does not strip off natural oils from the hands. The product is free of known allergens according to US FDA approved allergy patch TRUE tests and has also passed non-irritation test by Dermscan Asia.

We believe that PiPPER STANDARD Dishwashing Liquid is the right option for you as it is free from harmful chemicals. Chemical contaminants in the external environment might be beyond our control, but we can prevent chemical contamination of our homes.

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