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The person behind our natural, toxin free dish washer

06 Sep 2021

“I created an all-natural dishwashing liquid for my father because he was afraid of chemicals found in other commercial products that could be left on the plate.”

Ms. Sirilak Narongtanupone, Co-founder and Managing Director of Equator Pure Nature Co., Ltd., PiPPER STANDARD’s parent company, spoke at a Kong Dee Tour Thai event in early December 2020. The event focused on high-quality and innovative products made in Thailand. Read our recent interview with Ms. Sirilak below to find out more about her story!

Interviewer: Can you tell us more about what you said at the Kong Dee Tour Thai event about the inspiration for PiPPER STANDARD Dishwashing Liquid?

Ms. Sirilak: Of course! To tell you more about that, I have to tell you a bit more about my father first. My father’s name is Mr. Suthichai Narongtanupone, and he is Thai, of Chinese descent. He was born in Ratchaburi, but grew up and settled in Nakhon Sawan. Our family has been in the animal farming business for over 40 years, and my father is now 76 years old. My siblings and I have always seen our father as a role model to look up to—he is hardworking, patient and honest.

My father has had hepatitis B since birth, as it was transmitted to him from my grandmother. Around 2012, when my father was about 67 years old, we started to notice he was experiencing increased inflammation of the liver. He began to take anrtiviral drugs and was consistently having MRIs to check on his liver, and had two major surgeries to removal abnormal growths. Although the liver can repair itself in most cases, this is often more difficult for those who have hepatitis B. The doctor striclty advised my father to not drink alcohol, to eat clean, fresh and cooked food, and to avoid all different kinds of chemicals. He also told my father not to take medicine unless necessary and to exercise regularly as much as possible. My father has strictly followed all of these recommendations in order to keep his health in line.

As you might know, your liver helps to destroy toxins that enter your body. My father knew his liver was not as strong after his surgery, so he was extra vigilant about monitoring to prevent dangerous chemicals from entering his body. He began to cook for himself and every morning he went to buy fresh meat and produce at the market. He thoroughly washed the vegetables to make sure he wasn’t consuming pesticides or other chemicals left behind. After my husband Peter and I launched PiPPER STANDARD Laundry Detergent in 2014, my father asked if we could help make a chemical-free dishwashing liquid for people like him who worry about their health and need special products to eliminate residues from pesticides and other chemicals. Even if the food we eat is already clean, the dishes we eat on often have chemical residue leftover from normal dishwashing liquid. Sometimes, we are consuming that residue without even realizing it! This is what inspired us to create our own, all-natural dishwashing liquid.

Interviewer: What were the challenges of creating an all-natural dishwashing liquid?

Ms. Sirilak: Creating an efficient dishwashing liquid is a difficult task—especially because Thai food is known for its smells and oiliness. As we wanted to create a product that would clean well without using ingredients that can cause skin irritation, it took us almost two years to get it right. After we developed a formula that could effectively remove food and grease stains and odors, we contacted faculty at Huachiew University to use an instrument to measure the moisture of skin both before and after washing dishes with different brands of dishwashing liquid. After comparing results, it made us confident that our product causes less skin irritation and dryness than chemical dishwashing liquids. We also sent our dishwashing liquid to Dermscan Asia for testing and it received non-irritation certificiation.

Many people wonder how PiPPER STANDARD Dishwashing Liquid removes food stains and odors. The main component of the formula comes from fermented pineapple. We use the microorganism lactobacillus, which is the same probiotic bacteria used in yogurt making, to convert sugars in the fruit to various bio-surfactants, organic acids and natural bromelain enzymes to help clean. These natural substances are advantageous because they are powerful and can clean as well as chemical cleaners, but are gentle on your skin and safe for your health. Also an important part of our mission, our dishwashing liquid’s natural ingredients make it safe for the environment too!

Interviewer: We’d really like to thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and personal experiences today!

Ms. Sirilak: Thank you, it’s my pleasure!

All of our products at PiPPER STANDARD have their own story, and Ms. Sirilak has many other stories she’s eager to share. Check back on our website for future articles to continue learning about PiPPER STANDARD and our mission.

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