Friday, 12 August 2022

4 Biggest Problems Mothers Face While Cleaning the House

Everyone loves a clean and tidy home. Who doesn’t want to keep their house looking new every day. While cleaning should be the responsibility of a collective household, it often falls in the hands of housewives. Sometimes when there are little ones in the family, cleaning can feel like a constant headache. Though it can be challenging to keep clear of clutter, it’s not impossible!

1. My children like to crawl around on damp floors after I finish mopping, leaving marks everywhere.

If this happens to you and your little ones, don’t fret! It’s completely normal. Children love to play on damp floors, causing mothers to worry that they might slip and fall. Wet surfaces are dangerous for kids and using heavy cleaning chemicals can result in slow-drying, sticky surfaces prone to footprints that require a few rounds of unnecessary mopping. Merely a waste of time and mood.

Our Solution: Shift to using all-natural and safe floor cleaning products like “PiPPER STANDARD Floor Cleaner”. Our products are excellent for cleaning, easy to use, leaves zero chemical residue, and are not sticky on the feet. Feel confident and never have to worry about your kids roaming around while you mop the floor again!

2. I just cleaned the floor, but it’s dusty again?! 

It is undeniable that many countries are now facing high air pollution levels, causing pesky dust accumulation in your home. It feels like no matter how much you clean, it never goes away. Exposure to pollutants at home, such as dust, is unsafe for the whole family, especially youngsters. Children are prone to allergies and more susceptible to air pollution, as their immune systems are still developing.

Our Solution: Try out “PiPPER STANDARD Floor Cleaner,” that effectively tackles stains, streaks, and kills germs. In addition to protecting your surfaces, it is free from known allergens as defined by the US FDA. Soak a cloth and use it to mop, wipe and clean the house without having to wash it down with water afterwards. 

3. Harsh cleaning chemicals irritate my skin and damage my floors.

Cleaning agents are rough on the skin, causing allergies, irritation, and sometimes making your hands so dry that they peel. While cleaning the floor, we grip and twist the mop head with our hands, coming into direct contact with these chemicals. Most cleaning products contain notorious chemical irritants that are harmful to people, with both regular and sensitive skin, making hands dry and flaky.

Our Solution: Choose cleaning products that are tested for allergens and irritation, such as “PiPPER STANDARD Floor Cleaner,” approved by Dermascan Asia. When you make the switch to all-natural “PiPPER STANDARD,” you’ll instantly notice the difference. With its lavender scent from natural essential oils, you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed, and it might even make you feel like cleaning the house all day!

4. My floor is still dirty, no matter how much I clean.

Most cleaning products leave chemical residue regardless of how much you try to clean or the extent of pressure you apply. It demands a great deal of energy and makes household duties tiresome. Such chemicals will slowly damage the floors in your home, little by little, turning initially attractive floors into weary-looking ones with streaks and marks. 

Our Solution: When choosing cleaning agents, look at the bottle’s label for ingredients that will work on and protect delicate surfaces, not damage it. It’s essential to understand what kind of surfaces the cleaning agent is suitable for, such as general flooring, parquet, marble, granite, rubber tiles, or ceramic floors. 

If you don’t want to face the challenges we mentioned above, try out our popular, lavender-scented, family-friendly product, “PiPPER STANDARD Floor Cleaner” in 800ml. Our natural floor cleaner is an efficient, eco-friendly cleaning product that removes dirt, stains, and dust, with many unique features as follows:

  • Gently cleans and protects the surfaces of your home without damaging it, unlike harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for various surfaces, such as general flooring, parquet, marble, granite, rubber tiles, or ceramic floors
  • Easy to clean, leaves no residue behind, non-sticky formula
  • It’s lavender-scented from natural essential oils, giving you a refreshing and relaxing feeling
  • Tested and passed for allergies and irritation by Dermscan Asia
  • Free from known allergens according to the US FDA
  • Biodegradable and environment-friendly

An all-in-one product with benefits you can’t resist, if you ask us. Try it out! Click!