Friday, 12 August 2022

Can natural cleaning products kill bacteria?

As the current wave of COVID-19 has us all taking extra measures to keep clean, it makes it even more important to be sure you are using products that prioritize the safety of your family. As many products on the market contain dangerous chemicals, it can be hard to find cleaners that eliminate bacteria without putting your health at risk. Many traditional cleaners that rely on harmful chemicals to quickly clean may leave behind chemical residue that can cause allergic reactions, irritation, or even chronic skin disease.

Wouldn’t it be better if cleaning products could clean and kill germs with natural ingredients instead of harmful chemicals?

With our unique natural antibacterial innovation, PiPPER STANDARD cleans comparably to chemical products. Prioritizing gentleness in addition to cleanliness, it is safe for everyone in the family to use—including those with sensitive skin. Our laundry detergent, stain remover and floor cleaner have been certified to effectively kill more than 99% of bacteria according to tests administered by China’s Ingeer Certification Assessment Services (ICAS).

Fortunately, PiPPER STANDARD makes it possible to clean and kill germs effectively without harmful chemicals, and we want to share a bit more about our products:

1. Antibacterial Laundry Detergent: Leave Laundry Clean and Bacteria-Free

Our PiPPER STANDARD Laundry Detergent is antibacterial and cleans comparably to chemical-based detergents with the power of all-natural cleaning agents. Its natural and antibacterial formula prioritizes the safety of those with sensitive skin and effectively kills more than 99.97% of bacteria* according to tests certified by China’s ICAS.

With a gentle formula, our laundry detergent does not damage fabric fibers, making it safe for all fabrics, including delicates. It produces little foam and is easy to rinse out, and also eliminates musty odors, even if clothes are dried at night or in the shade. As our formula relies only on natural ingredients, it naturally decomposes and is safe for the environment too.

2. Antibacterial Stain Remover: Fight All Stains

Using traditional stain removers might help with easy stains, but finding the right product to combat tough stains and remove bacteria is essential as the fight against COVID continues. PiPPER STANDARD Stain Remover can fight tough stains without damaging fabric fibers and is antibacterial, thanks to our natural pineapple cleaning power. It effectively kills more than 99% of bacteria** according to tests certified by China’s ICAS; it has also passed non-irritation tests by Dermscan Asia, making it safe for sensitive skin.

3. Antibacterial Floor Cleaner: New, Natural and Free of Harmful Chemicals

Our all-natural PiPPER STANDARD Floor Cleaner effectively kills more than 99% of bacteria*** according to tests certified by China’s ICAS. Our product relies on natural cleaning agents, allowing it to be used safely on a variety of floor surfaces including hardwood, marble, tile, ceramic, laminate and other sealed floors. Its pleasant scent comes from 100% natural lavender essential oil, and it is hypoallergenic certified by Dermscan Asia. It’s a great option for homes with babies, small children, and pets!

We are in our homes more than ever during the pandemic, and keeping them clean is very important. However, it is essential to choose products that ensure your health and safety too. Prolonged exposure to dangerous chemicals often found in household cleaning can have adverse effects on your health. Begin prioritizing the health of your family today by using all-natural products to keep your home clean.

*ICAS antibacterial test results showed our laundry detergent effectively killed E. coli and bacteria known to cause staph infections within 20 minutes.

**ICAS antibacterial test results showed our stain remover effectively killed E. coli and bacteria known to cause staph infections within 20 minutes.

***ICAS antibacterial test results showed our floor cleaner effectively killed E. coli and bacteria known to cause staph infections within 10 minutes.