Friday, 12 August 2022

An All-Natural Floor Cleaner to Keep Your Floors Spotless and Safe for Children and Pets

Are there mischievous children or pets under your roof? If so, it can make your job of keeping the home clean a difficult task. Bringing up a child or opening your home to a pet is no simple undertaking, and it’s only natural that your child or pet is always getting the next mess ready for you to clean. As cute as your pet might be, the messes it makes aren’t. Endless fun for your children and pets might mean endless clean-up for you.

Cleanliness is key in any household, especially those with small children and pets. Apart from keeping germs and dirt out, it’s also important for you to carefully select the products you use to get the job done. Children and pets sprawl and crawl all over, and their skin is often in direct contact with your floors. Making sure your chosen cleaning product doesn’t coat your floors with chemical residue is essential. Children and pets have sensitive skin, and chemicals found in many cleaning products can cause allergic reactions or skin rashes. To prioritize the health and safety for everyone in your home, choose home and floor cleaners that harness the power of natural ingredients. Free of harmful chemicals, these products can ensure your home stays clean without putting safety and health at risk.

Mop your floors without leaving harmful chemical residue with an all-natural floor cleaner. PiPPER STANDARD Floor Cleaner is a hypoallergenic floor cleaner made from naturally fermented pineapples. Rich in bio-surfactants and natural enzymes, it does the cleaning job just as well as chemical products! Its rinse-free formula works particularly well on hardwood, tile, marble, ceramic, laminate, and other sealed floors. It is free of known allergens and has passed non-irritation tests by dermatologists, making it safe for everyone, including your pets, children, and family members with sensitive skin. Lightly scented with 100% lavender natural essential oil rather than allergy-causing synthetic fragrances, cleaning will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

How to use PiPPER STANDARD Floor Cleaner:

  • Step 1: Mix the cleaner with water. Use 1 capful (25ml) of PiPPER STANDARD Floor Cleaner per 5 liters of water.
  • Step 2: Submerge a cloth or mop into the water mixture. Squeeze the cloth or spin the mop to remove excess liquid, leaving it damp. Wipe or mop desired area to clean and let dry. As its formula is rinse-free, it does not require a second round of mopping or wiping.

With just these two simple steps, it’s easy to keep all of the surfaces in your home clean, safe and free of harmful chemicals. Feel at ease as your baby or pet crawls aimlessly around the house exploring every corner. Say goodbye to dangerous chemical residue and grab a bottle of PiPPER STANDARD Floor Cleaner today to make your home safer for all family members––even the four-legged ones!

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