Saturday, 13 August 2022

5 Tips to Keep Your Laundry Smelling Fresh

As we spend more time than ever inside our homes these days, bad odors emanating from damp clothes can be especially irritating. Clothes can develop bad smells for many reasons, but are especially prone to do so if they are left to dry inside when unable to dry outside. With these five easy tips, we hope to offer you some advice to help prevent unpleasant smells when drying your clothes.

Tip 1: Don’t Let Your Clothes Pile-up Before Washing

The first tip in ensuring that your clothes stay smelling fresh is to make sure they don’t pile up in your laundry basket for too long. The clothes we wear all day collect all sorts of dirty stains, streaks and bacteria which can easily lead to bad smells if left unwashed for too long.

Tip 2: Choose an Optimal Drying Location

After you’ve washed your clothes, it’s time to figure out where to hang them. Although it’s best to hang them outside in the sunshine with a steady airflow, we know that’s not always possible and sometimes, you have no choice but to dry your clothes inside. If this is the case, you should be sure to strategically use the limited space in your home to effectively dry your clothes without causing odor. To prevent bad smells, you should make sure to hang up your clothes in an open room so that air can flow freely, allowing clothes to dry within five hours.

Tip 3: Hang Your Clothes Properly, Immediately After Washing

Once you know where you will hang up your clothes, make sure to hang them up as soon as the load has finished. We often leave clothes in the washing machine after the load has finished while we stay busy with other tasks, and sometimes hours can pass before clothes are hung up to dry. Unfortunately, this can lead to unexpected and unpleasant smells in fabrics, as large quantities of wet clothes promote the build-up of invisible bacteria that cause bad odors. The best solution is to hang your freshly cleaned clothes immediately after the load has finished.

When hanging up your laundry, there are a few ways you can help your clothes dry thoroughly and quickly. Your laundry should be spaced adequately on your drying rack, as crammed clothes take much longer to dry and can prevent air flow, producing odors. A technique that we recommend for efficient drying is to hang your clothes in an inverted “U” shape—the larger clothes should be hung on the left and right sides of the drying rack, and the smaller, shorter and thinner clothes should be hung in the middle. Hanging your clothes in a curved shape like this will leave some space in the middle of your rack for air to circulate, which helps to dry your clothes faster!

For shirts, you should place the sleeves on separate rods of the drying rack, rather than letting them hang down to the ground, which slows the drying process. For towels and other long pieces of laundry, they should be hung along the longer side, using clothes pins to hold them in place.

Tip 4: Routinely Clean Your Washing Machine

Even if you choose an optimal drying place and hang your clothes properly, the washing machine tub tends to be an important factor that most people overlook. The cleanliness of clothes also depends on how clean the tub is, as that’s where dirt and bacteria are most likely to accumulate. This makes it important to take care of the machine, and remove its various components for cleaning on a regular basis—we suggest at least once a month! A clean washing machine tub is key in making sure that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned and free from bad smells.

Tip 5: Choose PiPPER STANDARD Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener to Help with Reducing Odors

Although the above tips are helpful, our PiPPER STANDARD laundry products might offer an easier solution to prevent bad odors on your clothes-our laundry detergent and fabric softener reduce smells, and add a soft natural scent.

PiPPER STANDARD Laundry Detergent is an all-natural cleaning product powered by pineapples, available in both lemongrass and eucalyptus scents. It can be used for both machine and hand washing. We also produce a natural fabric softener available in floral and natural scents. The fabric softener will soften and delicately care for your fabrics, and make them easy to iron. Although our products are sure to thoroughly clean and care for your clothes, they produce little foam, making them easy to wash off.

PiPPER STANDARD all-natural cleaning products will help to eliminate bad odors, even when you’re drying your clothes at night or inside. They are safe to use and leave no chemical residue, and just a small quantity is needed to leave your clothes clean and free from unpleasant smells.

Both our laundry detergent and fabric softener are hypoallergenic according to U.S. FDA standards. Our products (and the containers they come in!) are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and safe for all in the family to use, including children and people with sensitive skin. Make sure to stock up on these products for your home the next time you go shopping!

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